Friday, May 31, 2013

2013 Gordon Armstrong Playwright’s Rent Award.

Presented as part of the Jessies Nomination Party

Congratulations to all the  Jessie Nominees!  We are pleased to celebrate this year’s GAPRA.

Gordon was a B.C. playwright who had been developing a national reputation when sadly he died of AIDS related illness in 1996. With support from playwrights Dennis Foon and Tom Cone, Gordon’s mother, and Origins Theatre Projects, this award was established at that time.

As our community looks back on its past accomplishments, this CASH award looks to the future of what might appear on our stages down the road. Thank you to this year’s donor, a long time Vancouver theatre supporter, Bruce Gregg.

The final adjudicator from London England, Mr. John Patterson reports that it was a difficult choice. We salute everyone who faces the blank page.

In this year’s recipient’s own words, she says of the two plays she is currently working on that they

‘…strive to give voice to those who are marginalized in North American society, allowing the characters to speak truth to power not as victims – as they are so often portrayed – but as complex human beings who are not without their own flaws and uncertainties. As a Canadian artist of Chinese descent, I am passionate about contributing a different perspective to the conversation of what it means to be Canadian…”

Also noted for the last coproduction with Visceral Visions, Urban Ink and the late Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company, Confessions of the other Women, the 2013 recipient is……

Valerie Sing Turner.


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